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Contact Iron Doors Arizona today for your iron door needs in Phoenix or Tucson. We’ll immediately get to work going over our design options and provide a free quote to make sure we fit into your budget.

Iron doors are an ideal way to set your home, business, or new construction project apart. These durable, beautiful doors offer a higher degree of protection from intruders and extreme weather while adding a unique aesthetic touch that’s tough to match. We handcraft each door under the guide of artisans, and we use only high-quality materials to ensure your door is built to last. If you’re looking to add curb appeal or elegance to you Phoenix or Tucson home or business, give us a call today.

Our Company

At Iron Doors Arizona, we craft and install custom-built iron doors for residential and commercial spaces. We build our doors in a specialized faculty that allows us to focus on the details to ensure your iron door matches your expectations and provides the security, durability, and energy efficiency that your home or business deserves. While we’re an iron door company, first and foremost, we are a customer-focused business. Our goal is to wow our clients with every order we take. Our job isn’t done until you’re satisfied.

Every Door we build is customized to meet our client’s needs, with the result that’s equal parts practical and artistic. Our design consultants can partner with you to help distill the door of your dreams to the door that greets you every time you arrive back home.


Examples of Our Work

Examples of Our Work

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Our Custom Iron Doors

When most companies talk about custom-built doors, they’re speaking about a streamlined model that they can toss a few accessories on to make it seem unique. Our custom doors are hand-crafted and built using the highest quality materials. We quality test each door to ensure it meets both our high expectations. To further back our belief in our doors, we also include a limited 5-year warranty with each door we sell. Regardless of the type of door you need, we’ll use the finest materials to ensure it meets our standard specifications:


  • 5/8″ Low-E insulated glass
  • 12-gauge steel frames and panels
  • Arizona code approved
  • Interior dual pane glass panels
  • Fully insulated frames and panels
  • Heavy-duty barrel hinges
  • Sand-blasted finishing
  • Weatherstripping door and glass frames

Before & After: See the Difference

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Single Doors

We can custom-build our single iron doors to fit any entryway. This makes them the ideal choice for both interior and exterior use, as well as an excellent option to replace your worn-out wooden doors. We only use durable materials, meaning these doors should hold up for years while offering elegance, glamor, and security to your home or business. Like all of our iron doors, our single door options require little maintenance to keep them looking great. Typically, a quick cleaning every month or so will keep them in top shape. Due to the added curb appeal, protection, and durability, all of our iron doors help increase our home value. This means that should you sell your home, our iron doors will help put money in your pocket.

Double Doors

While a single iron door adds elegance and grace, double iron doors turn that up a notch and create a grand entry for your home or business. Even better, they still provide all the security and durability as out single-door options. That means you’ll have increased protection against intruders and the harsh eroding winds of Phoenix and Tucson.

We can fit our double iron doors into any entryway. Our customization options include arched doors and side panels for increased sunlight during cool Arizona winters or better ventilation during hot summers. With the help of our design consultants, you can choose a style that’s classic or modern to help ensure it fits with the rest of your home or business.

French Iron Doors

There’s something elegant about a pair of French doors. The look of glass that makes up most of their length gives you easy visibility to the outside, whether it’s a well-manicured portion of your landscape or a patio. We can custom build your home or business a pair of iron French doors that take all the durability and protection of our typical doors and match them with the visual appeal of French doors. To add to our customizable options, we can even build a set of sliding French Doors. These take the common sliding glass doors that you see in many backyards and transform them into something unique and special. It’s a straightforward swap, and you’ll retain all the usability of your old glass doors while adding style and protection. With our sliding doors, each door slides on a track, too. This optimizes the amount of space available to you and makes it easy to turn any indoor space into one that transitions to an outdoor one.

Of course, like all of our iron doors, our French iron doors are an excellent, energy-efficient option for your home. We use EPA-certified and highly rated materials that help your home’s cool air inside when closed or add ventilation when you need it.

Iron Doors for New Construction

Our iron doors make great replacement doors for any already created entryway. They also make excellent additions for any new construction or remodel project. Our team understands local codes, so we can be an ideal partner to ensure your doors fit into your project. Our team also understands the environment, and we use a variety of materials to ensure your new doors won’t rust or wilt when exposed to the harsh climates of Phoenix or Tucson. We’ll hand-craft, deliver, and install each iron door you purchase from us. This helps us deliver on our promise of customer satisfaction and ensure that our work is exactly what you’re looking for. Even better, our doors are the match for residential and commercial spaces. If you maintain a home office or workspace, they can help set off a separate space from your main living area.

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Our Hand Crafting Process

We handcraft each of our doors in a specialized factory that gives us the ability to ensure a level of quality with each door we make. Our team includes highly skilled metal workers, iron forgers, and design consultants. Each of our team members is well versed in the history and artistic merits of forging iron. That is, they take their craft seriously. When it comes to materials, only the highest quality ones will do. We use the finest steel available, engineered glass, and artisan paints. When our team of expert craftsmen works with these materials, you end up with a special product that’s unlike any other door on the market. Our design consultants will partner with you throughout our handcrafting process to understand what you’re looking for and distill it into a practical design plan. We work in a variety of styles and with a huge lineup of accessories to make sure our door is unique and perfect for you.

Our Design and Style Options

Our custom-built doors are designed to be unique. To do this, we offer a variety of design, style, and accessory options:

With each of our options, we can make your custom door fit your preferred design aesthetic. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary, craftsman or colonial, we can craft a door that serves as the ideal complement, highlight, or centerpiece to your design.

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