Custom Entry Doors

The door is one of the first features of a home that guests notice, which is why choosing the perfect door is not a decision to take lightly.

At Iron Doors Arizona, our specialty is creating beautiful wrought-iron doors that catch the eye and fascinate the mind. While we have hundreds of options that are already made for your viewing pleasure, our custom entries are truly unique.

Our custom wrought iron doors can be used in conjunction with a standard front door to create a customized entryway or you can use the iron door on its own. Wrought iron offers a timeless look that is suitable for a classic or contemporary-style home.

Custom Doors for Residential & Business in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ

A front door is many things. Of course, it serves as the entryway to your home or business. In this way, it also acts as a shield to the outside, keeping both the elements and uninvited guests at bay.

The ideal design many homeowners strive for in a door is not only strong, durable, but also unique. It should set your home or build apart from its neighbors. If curb appeal is about how a building looks to passers-by, then the front door is the focal point that catches glances and inspires aw. Custom-built iron doors can help your door act like all these things.

Customization means there’s not another door like it out there. Its iron will keep the outdoors outside and prevent those looking to gain entry at bay. For more about how these custom-built doors can add to your home or business, make sure to read on.

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What You Get With A Truly Custom Design

It’s easy to pass off mass-manufactured doors as “custom.” Simply slap a few accessories on to any basic door, and you’re set.

At Iron Doors Arizona, we only take the easy route if it’s also the best one. That’s why we hand-craft our iron doors in a specialized factor. We employ a world-class quality management team to ensure that every door we build is free from defects.

Each door is built with a team of skilled individuals. Metalworkers, iron forgers, and design consultants work together to hold each other accountable and create functional, durable, and unique doors. We use only the best materials, such as engineered glass, high-class steel, and artisan paints, to craft a door that stands apart from the rest.

We go above and beyond because our standards are tough to meet. That’s why all our doors contain feature benefits you may not see elsewhere:

  • Flush bolts that are installed and pre-drilled for hardware
  • Heavy-duty weather stripping around the door jamb and glass frame
  • Heavy-duty tubing frame
  • High-quality glass pane with hand-applied finish
  • Injected polyurethane foam in every door for added insulation
  • No visible weld marks
  • Threshold installation

Custom Built Doors For Your Home or Business in Arizona

Wrought iron doors offer an appeal beyond that given by other doors. That’s why beyond the custom door you choose as the base of your project, you can also customize the door’s accessories and features to make an entryway that’s truly your own:

  • Glass:

    • Adding glass to your door brings visual appeal and functionality. For those hot Arizona days, you can open the glass panes of your door to let a breeze wander through your home. For cool mornings or evenings, the glass will also allow warming sunlight into your home.
  • Finish:

    • We use industry-tested processes and weather-resistant paint. By picking the paint that best suits you, you can add a pop of color to your entryway. We’ll always zinc galvanize the door before applying primer or finish to help make them rust-resistant, too.
  • Locks:

    • Whether you want a deadbolt or a keypad, we can add even more security to your customized door.
  • Metal screen:

    • A metal screen lets you keep your door open to keep your home cool in the warm Arizona sun while keeping out insects and pests.
  • Pulls:

    • We offer a variety of styles so you can find pulls that best complement your door.
  • Single or Double:

    • Sometimes a single door is all you need. However, there are also times when having a double door adds elegance (and boosts property value).

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At Iron Doors Arizona, we’re ready to turn your front door into a work of design and function. Call us today for a free quote at (602) 497-0239 or contact us online.

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Our Reviews

“We had a very good experience with Iron Doors Arizona. After touring their showroom we were pleased with the wide variety of choices they offered. We were able to find a design that worked for us and our salesman was thorough in answering all our questions and providing timelines and suggestions. Drawings, color, glass, and hardware selections were outlined in our estimate. Our salesman did a home visit to provide exact measurements for the door and the process began. Our experience up to installation was very good, but we were thrilled with the team of Luis and David. They worked seamlessly together. We were impressed with how much went into the installation and had great respect for their knowledge, professionalism, and their detail to the many small things involved to make a successful install. They, in our opinion, are the gold standard for installers. Thank you for our beautiful door, and a special thanks for Luis and David.”

– Diana B.

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