Deadbolt Options

Iron Doors Arizona takes security very seriously.  Your investment in a iron door is already protecting your home and family with a stronger barrier from the outside world.  Traditional wooden doors are often kicked in and used as the intruders form of entry.  You will not have to fear with an Iron Door built of 12-guage steel that locks into a 12-guage steel frame.  The deadbolt is a very important part of this security and we have a few options to fit your family’s lifestyle.  Whether it be a standard manual deadbolt or a key-less entry option; your home will be safe.

The deadbolt is one of the most critical components of an iron door. Deadbolt locks for iron doors are installed to keep you and your family safe, as well as all of your belongings. Given the strength of an iron door, a properly installed deadbolt must be in place to ensure that there is no weak point through which an intruder could gain entry. Fortunately, we have several great deadbolt options available for your iron doors.

Exclusive Features of Wrought Iron Entry Door Locks

Our door hardware comes in both basic and advanced styles. You can get a traditional keyed deadbolt in several available colors to fit the tone and style of your door.

These deadbolts are built to withstand extreme force and will keep your family safe for years to come while remaining aesthetically pleasing.


What are the benefits of deadbolt locks for iron doors? The biggest benefit is the peace of mind you gain knowing that nobody will be able to get through your front entryway. This added security is also a bonus if you ever wish to sell the house because buyers will know that the house is safeguarded.

Deadbolt locks are also very affordable, even if you opt for an upgraded keypad option. When compared to the cost of security cameras or a full-time monitoring service, a new deadbolt is the biggest bang for your buck. With a deadbolt, you get instant security as soon as it is installed, and you can rest assured that the 12-gauge iron frame will hold strong no matter what.

Finally, our deadbolt locks are extremely versatile and made to fit any style iron door. The color and bevels around these locks are made to blend seamlessly with your custom door for a timeless finished look. Even a modern keypad doesn’t look out of place when it is perfectly blended into the design.

For more information about custom door hardware in Phoenix, AZ, contact Iron Doors Arizona today. You’ll love our collection of deadbolts that are made just for our doors.