Iron Door Styles

Wrought iron front doors make for an elegant and secure entry to your home. Available in a variety of intricate designs and styles, they can be customized to your specific taste and aesthetic.

When designing your dream entryway, you should also consider decorative flourishes. One way to make your iron front doors unique is to include sidelights or a transom. Both types of windows add extra beauty to your exterior and can help let in additional sunlight.

At Iron Doors Arizona, we craft artisan quality doors with beautifully intricate decorative touches. Here are some of the custom styles we can add to your iron entry doors to make you feel as though you are stepping inside a castle every time.


Sidelights are decorative windows that are placed on the sides of door frames. They tend to be installed vertically and create a decorative border to your wrought iron front doors. Not only do sidelights dress up your door, but they also allow for more sunlight to enter your home.

There are generally two styles of sidelights, fixed and venting. Fixed sidelights remain closed and are merely windows by which you can see in and out. Venting sidelights allow for you to open, increasing airflow during the hot summer months. While it is important to think about your preference between fixed or venting sidelights, you will also want to decide whether you will want blinds or curtains.


Similar to sidelights, transoms are windows that go above the doorway of your iron front doors. Transoms have more shape options than sidelights, and can truly create a stunning effect. While transom windows are mostly ornamental, designed to be complementary to your home’s architectural style, they can also give your home more sunlight and ventilation, providing more privacy than a sidelight.

Arched Transom

Arched transoms are an elegant addition to iron front doors as they have a rounded edge. The shapes complement each other and give your entryway a look of grandeur.

Eyebrow Transom

An eyebrow transom is similar to that of an arched transom, but with a subtler arch. Eyebrow transoms are another great addition to an iron front door as they create a unique geometric appearance showcasing both straight and round edges.

Square Transom

A square transom will work best with iron doors that have a square or rectangular edge. However, because these adornments are custom, we can configure any shape you desire for your transom. Whether you choose one flat side with different angles or shapes crafted from the other side, Iron Doors Arizona can help bring your entryway vision to life. Check out our gallery to see more examples.

Custom Iron Entry Doors

While transoms are a great addition to your entryway, custom doors are another way to enhance the look of your home. With an eyebrow-shaped door inside of a square frame, you can create a unique entrance unlike any other. This specific design showcases modern characteristics while still creating a rustic, traditional appearance.

Installing iron doors will make your home feel like a castle. They are the perfect mix of elegance and function, creating a substantial barrier that is almost impossible to break into. Because of the artisan nature of these doors, we customize every aspect of the design and installation with your home in mind.

To get started on the design process, measure your doorway and decide if sidelights or a transom are part of the aesthetic you envision. You can use our gallery page for inspiration or call us to help draw out your personal vision.

Our Customer Testimonials

“Angel and Paul did a beautiful job on our iron door. They were respectful of our property and wanted us to be very happy with our experience with their company. We are so pleased with the final product. Mike was very fair and accommodating with the sales end, as well! Great job!”

— Leslie P.

Why Choose Iron Doors Arizona?

You, too, can have a stunning entrance with custom wrought iron front doors. Call Iron Doors Arizona today to discuss your project and get a free estimate, or visit our showroom to look at our gorgeous door work in person. We look forward to helping you craft the perfect entryway, making your home uniquely yours.

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