Finish Options

Iron Doors Arizona takes pride in the finished product. They only use the best industry-tested ‘finish’ process that ensures many years of low-maintenance for your new Iron Door.  Below are the most popular finish options for our Iron Doors but if you don’t see a color that fits your style we can custom make thousands of colors to fit your home perfectly.

Did you know that your iron doors can be finished with any color you want to match your home’s trim and exterior color scheme? Many people think of iron doors in only dark colors, but the reality is that high-quality finishes allow us to finish iron doors to suit any style. Iron Doors Arizona is proud to give you the option to have your doors ‘finished’ so you can enjoy the following benefits:

Customization Options

Having a ‘finish’ service on site ensures that all of our customers get the custom iron doors they dream of. You will never feel limited in options when you come to us. We can create custom colors and help you match your colors to fit your home’s existing aesthetic.

Industry Tested

We don’t use just any finish on our doors. We use durable, long-lasting coatings that have been industry tested for adherence to iron doors. These ‘finishes’ are made to be outdoors where they can withstand rain or shine, without a problem. Don’t settle for regular household stains or finishes that will peel or chip in just a few years. Make sure you are using the very best with us.

Low Maintenance

Our ‘finishes’ have been specially formulated to enhance the beauty and simplicity of our doors. They have a smooth, high-density finish that prevents dirt and debris from building up on the surface. The finish is also made for easy cleaning so you can wipe your doors down with mild soap and water, and you will never have to scrub or use harsh chemicals.


When you choose Iron Doors Arizona for your door needs, you will also be getting the best deal around on your custom doors. By doing all of the finishing in-house with our expert team, you will not have to search for a third party who could damage your doors. You can trust that we know what we’re doing, we’re using the right materials, and we can get it done quickly as part of the same great price that you are paying for the doors.

Increase Curb Appeal

Finished iron doors boost the curb appeal of your home and help raise the price of your home if you ever decide to move. Your finished doors will make a big impression in photos and in-person, and the positive qualities of the finish will ease the buyer’s mind about caring for the house after they buy.

Iron Doors Arizona is here to answer all of your ‘finishing’ inquires when you order new iron doors. Contact us to customize your doors to your specific needs, we’ll be happy to help every step of the way!