Iron Doors with Glass & Screen Options

Iron Doors Arizona understands that the weather in Arizona can be unpredictable and beautiful at the same time. So we only use the very best glass options for your new Iron Door.

You can expect a standard dual-pane, Low-E glass on every iron door that we install. What else comes standard on our doors? Our doors come with a standard opening window for you to enjoy the beautiful weather when it’s here, and close it when it’s one million degrees outside! We also offer a metal screen that can be inserted to prevent any unwanted guests from coming inside when the window is open.

Enjoy the weather with your glass that opens, and with our available metal screen, you can rest assured that no unwanted guests will be joining you! Also, this makes cleaning the glass a breeze (pun intended).

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Our Glass Options

As each of our wrought iron doors can be customized to fit your specific needs, we offer a variety of glass and screen options that add to the unique appeal of your new entryway. Regardless of the door, we’ll only use glass that meets our high standards:

  • 5/8” Low-E insulated glass
  • Opening dual pane glass panels
  • Weather-stripped glass frames

This ensures that no matter what type of glass design you choose, you can rest assured that we’re using high-quality materials that won’t detract from your home’s energy efficiency.

In fact, your home will become more energy efficient as you’re able to welcome warming light or cool breezes into your home.

Of course, we know that while people want the benefits of glass panes into their iron doors, they also prefer to keep the insides of their home private from passersby or deliver drivers and others who may approach their front entryway.

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Advantages for Contractors

Our iron doors make great additions to homes as part of a remodeling project or for new construction. We regularly partner with contractors to help incorporate our custom iron doors into their latest project. As each of our doors is custom-crafted by skilled metal workers, iron forgers, and design consultants, we’re able to participate in almost any project to ensure their client gets what they need.

All of our doors are built in a specialized factory, and we use only the highest quality materials. We apply zing galvanizing directly to the doors before the catalytic primer, which prevents rust and adds durability.

However, contractors don’t just love our doors due to the high-level craftsmanship or the world-class materials. We make it easy for contractors by ensuring that each of our doors is Arizona code-approved. This allows contractors to focus their attention where they need it as we build, deliver, and install code-approved doors.

Most contractors find their clients benefit from our use of glass windows and metal screens. They can help a home become more energy-efficient, which can help cut down on the need for expensive ductwork or other difficult to install A/C equipment. In many cases, pairing our doors with an energy-efficient ductless system can give the homeowner all the climate control they need without an extraordinary monthly energy bill.

That’s why we offer glass with a wide range of transparencies.

We have a clear glass or tea-colored glass for those who want their view of the outside unobscured. Those looking for just a hint of privacy may benefit from some of the other styles. If you’d like even more privacy, our frost and pear styles allow light to pass through without providing visibility for much else. This way, you can still keep our front hall light and bright without giving your mail person a clear view of exactly what’s happening inside.

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Cleaning the Glass or Metal Screen of the Iron Screen Doors

Our metal screens do the work of keeping bugs and other critters outside even when you have your windows open. They’re easy to clean. All you need to do is quickly pop them out of the frame and wash them with water by hand or with your garden hose. Once the screen is clean and dry, just pop it back in, and you’re all set.

Our glass panels are also easy to clean. After cleaning one side with an appropriate glass cleaner, just swing the panel open to gain access to the other side. By opening the side, you’ll also be able to welcome a cool breeze into your home or greet someone at the door without unlocking the door.

Other Iron Door Accessories in Arizona

By custom making each door, we’re able to help our customers achieve the signature look they seek. Beyond our glass designs and metal screen, our expert design consultant can help you choose the door’s finish, pull handles, and deadbolt options. Each choice helps set your door apart from others in your neighborhood and adds another level of elegance to your entryway.

Custom Wrought Iron Entry Doors from Iron Doors Arizona

At Iron Doors Arizona, we’re committed to delivering world-class iron screen doors built with the finest materials and at the hands of some of the world’s best craftspeople and designers. Our doors add beauty, charm, and security to every home or building. They’re built to be durable, reliable, and unique.

We currently serve the Phoenix and Tucson areas. If you’d like to see what we have to offer, you can visit our Phoenix showroom or reach out to us online. For any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 602-497-2559 (Phoenix) or 520-346-9916 (Tucson).

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