Residential Garage Doors

When choosing garage doors, you want the full package.

After all, these doors aren’t just keeping your garage secure but can easily be seen from the street and, therefore, can affect the curb value. Fortunately,

If you live in Phoenix or Tucson, AZ, and own a home, then it’s time to upgrade.

Iron Doors Arizona has dozens of residential Martin Garage Doors to choose from to fit the style and dimensions of your home. The doors are tried, tested, and never going out of style. You can take your Home to the next level with garage doors that provide strength, security, and safety for your home.

Elite Garage Doors

Choosing the right material for your garage door is critical. Lower-quality materials may corrode or rot quickly, leaving your valuables vulnerable. Additionally, the right material will be visually appealing, adding to your home’s beauty.

Because we understand the importance of materials, Iron Doors Arizona offers several top-notch options for your garage door. Each comes with its benefits and unique aesthetic. Are you unsure which works best for your home? Our friendly staff can review each option to help you decide.

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Aluminum is an incredibly durable material and ideal for exterior doors. Unlike steel, aluminum doesn’t rust, so you don’t have to worry about exposure to moisture. Additionally, it’s lightweight, recyclable, and easily embossed for a custom design.

Virtually limitless designs and handcrafted excellence are the hallmarks of Pinnacle Aluminum. Build your dream garage door with H-groove and V-groove panels, long V-angles, and vibrant powder coat finish colors.

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A bold design statement, our Copper garage doors turn heads immediately with their vintage flair and brilliant sheen. 1920’s opulence meets modern performance materials for optimum durability, strength, and personality.

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Enjoy the sensation of real wood garage doors in Phoenix without the maintenance that usually comes with them. Chalet’s composite wood-and-steel construction lets you select richly colorful finishes that last a lifetime.

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Pinnacle Steel garage doors offer unparalleled flexibility coupled with heavy-duty materials such as baked-on enamel for long-lasting beauty. Whether your design vision is elegant, contemporary, traditional, or rustic, Pinnacle Steel’s gorgeous styles are a perfect match.

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When it comes to infusing your garage with a contemporary, modern, or minimalist style, it is impossible to beat Athena’s pure glass charm. Enjoy sleek aluminum and tempered glass with incredible options for luminosity and opacity.

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Vehicles You Should Keep in a Garage

Does your vehicle need to be kept in a garage? While some vehicles are designed to endure harsh conditions, others need a stable environment to maintain their efficiency and longevity. So what kind should you keep indoors? The most common vehicles that can benefit from garage storage are boats, cars, and motorcycles.


If you live in Phoenix, you probably don’t live on a waterfront. However, many desert residents do own boats for fun weekends at the lake. Since the weather stays warm longer, there are plenty of opportunities to make memories on the water.

However, when you’re not using your boat, it should be safely stored away. While larger boats may need special storage units, many smaller models can fit into garages.


Cars are the number one vehicle kept in garages, and for a good reason. When your car, truck, or SUV is locked up in a garage, you don’t have to worry about it getting broken into or damaged.

Why a Quality Garage Door Is Important

For many homeowners, garage doors are just a convenience. However, they can be so much more.

Custom garage doors can transform the face of your property, increase your home’s security, and even safeguard your valuables. While installation can be a big investment, it pays off for years.

Prevent Theft

Burglars may target a garage due to the valuable items hidden inside:

  • Power tools
  • Bikes
  • Lawnmowers
  • Sports equipment

The garage is also less protected than the rest of the house, making it a prime place for a break-in. However, if you have high-quality security for garage doors, anyone targeting your house will think twice about trying to bust in.

Control Temperature

While we don’t get much rain here in the desert, we have plenty of heat to go around. Unfortunately, extreme heat can damage items such as family heirlooms, plastic containers, and even vehicle exteriors. The relentless sun also exposes vehicles to UV rays, which can cause plastic and paint to chip and crack.

While it’s possible to climate control your garage, it’s not going to make much of a difference if you don’t have a quality garage door. Doors of any kind are a weak spot for temperature control, as they may lack insulation and allow air through the point of contact between floor and door. However, with the best garage door materials, you can seal your garage from outdoor temperatures and keep your items safe from damage.


Increase Property Value

Stylish and solid garage doors aren’t just good for your belongings — they’re also great for your property value. If you’re interested in selling your home and want an easy way to increase curb appeal, a set of lovely, secure garage doors can do the trick.

The World’s Finest, Safest Doors

Committed to Safety, Martin Door builds garage doors with a focus on the hazards of garage door use. Beyond safety, the hardware used in every door is made of high-grade steel and is made with longevity in mind. Here are a few benefits and features of Martin Door:

  • Safety Track System – Stops a Free-Falling door
  • Joints that help protect fingers from Serious Injury
  • Lift Cable with Lifetime Warranty
  • Martin Safety Spring System


Window Options

Give your garage doors modern flair with stunning window options. Everything from panel size to window tint colors is completely customizable. Choose from high-quality tempered or insulated glass with clear, frosted, pebbled, or smoked textures for precise control over privacy, safety, energy efficiency, and illumination.

Windows have a significant impact on garage doors:

  • Extra illumination: Windows let plenty of natural light into the garage, giving it a more energetic and positive feel.
  • Distinctive style: A garage door with luxurious windows stands out from neighbors and puts your personal touch on home design. Our large variety of tempered glass tints and textures can give the garage a formal carriage house appearance or an artistic vibe.
  • Home value: Window-studded garage doors are more than functional. They’re powerful accent pieces that draw attention to an amazing garage, turning into a major selling point for potential buyers.

Safety Options

We consider your family’s safety a priority, from the moment you select your garage doors, to installation and beyond. Martin garage doors have an excellent reputation for safety, and they’re built to stand up to Phoenix’s climate for ages without problems.

Safety hinges provide a seal between panels that keeps curious fingers out. Safety tracks don’t use any large holes where small hands might fit. They let you perform needed maintenance but make sure kids stay safe. Similarly, the exclusive Martin safety spring system utilizes galvanized springs that are stronger than other industry options, along with high-grade safety cables and extra loop protection.

Paying attention to safety is important for at least three reasons:

  • Child safety: Kids like to explore, which can get them into serious trouble with many garage doors. Thanks to safety measures included from the very beginning of door construction and installation, you can enjoy an additional layer of protection for your children.
  • Accident prevention: Whether for day-to-day operation or garage projects, your garage door should look after you. With an incredible anti-drop safety feature on all garage doors, we ensure you stay safe no matter what.
  • Personal and automobile protection: The low-quality springs included with many doors put your car in danger of significant damage if they break. Our reinforced springs and safety cables ensure long-lasting performance. They keep you and your automobile protected in the case of the unexpected.

Additional Options

Once you’ve selected the style, material, and color of your new garage door, you still have plenty of ways to personalize it to your needs.

  • Mail slots: Whether you prefer to receive mail and packets through your garage door or just want to add a classic vibe to exterior décor, optional mail slots look stunning and serve a practical purpose.
  • Vents: One option for excellent garage ventilation is installing specialized vents on the doors themselves. This lets exhaust fumes, humidity, and common garage odors to escape while letting fresh air in.
  • Outside T-handle lock: Combine home security with exceptional style by choosing a T-handle lock in antique brass, sleek black, or reflective chrome. This way you can safeguard your garage easily when leaving for work or to run errands.
  • Inside side-latch lock: The ultimate option for garage door security, interior side-latch locks are compatible with a padlock for heavy-duty or long-term protection. Have peace of mind when you go on vacation with a truly solid barrier to entry.
  • Vault release: This option means that unexpected power outages don’t get in the way of your morning routine. A simple twist gives you manual control so you can get to work on time.

Cornerstone & Classic Garage Doors

The Cornerstone collection combines modern style with the durable construction that active families love. Excellent quality and notable safety features don’t mean sacrificing decorative freedom.

Choosing our Classic series garage doors means giving your home renovation projects the maximum value and performance without going over budget. Trustworthy materials, security-focused construction, and extensive customization possibilities make your garage instantly attractive.



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If you’re in Tucson or Phoenix and searching for garage door experts, look no further than Iron Doors Arizona

We’re dedicated to going above and beyond for our customers, and you’re sure to be impressed with the results. For more information, contact us via our online form or call us at (602) 497-0239 for our Phoenix location and (520) 639-6477 for Tucson.


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