As the new year rolls in, many homeowners are looking at ways to refresh the style of their homes. Renovating your home’s exterior can do wonders in making it feel more welcoming as well as adding additional value. One upcoming trend that has been forecasted for 2019 is the use of iron entry front doors. Though updating the front door is something that homeowners can easily overlook in comparison to repainting, installing new siding, or re-shingling the roof, replacing an old, worn entry door provides a variety of functional and stylish benefits. If transforming the look of your home is one of your resolutions this year, new iron doors are a perfect way to get the job done.

Excellent Aesthetics

Iron entry doors come in a wide variety of forms and styles, but one thing is constant amongst them; they lend a distinctive appearance to the front of your home. Choose single or double doors, a full metal design, or one with glass inserts, various door accessories, and hardware accents. Whichever you go for, you get a timeless old-world style that adds sophistication to just about any style of home.

Where many conventional wooden or fiberglass doors look all too similar between one home and the next, iron doors are more easily stylized and customized to complement – or provide a striking contrast to – the visual design of the front of the house. Go for elegant floral accents, a bold art deco design, or a simple, understated style for a humble home. Custom finishes and glass inserts further distinguish the entryway to your home and provide a grand first impression to visitors, friends, and family. The customizability of iron doors also extends to sizing for existing frames, doorways, and arches, making the installation easy.

Built for Security

Part of the statement that an iron entry door makes about your home is its security. Well-built iron doors make for a clear visual deterrent, discouraging thieves from attempting to break in. They are also built to back up the claim, being more durable than wood or fiberglass and featuring high-quality glass that is reinforced with iron accents that are difficult to break. Combined with heavy locks and deadbolts seated in the frame to resist being removed, iron doors provide you with a barrier that will stand up to anything. As a plus, this door is also secure against heavy weather – where wood can warp from exposure to moisture, rustproof iron construction remains firm. Many iron doors are also fire-rated, an invaluable safety measure in hot and fire-prone locales, and often a building code requirement in certain housing districts.

An Enduring Investment

A properly installed and cared-for iron front door is a one-time investment: it’ll last as long as the rest of the house does. You need not worry about having to scrape or sand away peeling paint to keep them looking fresh; regular cleaning with soap and water preserves the finish and fights the risk of rust. The material itself also resists heat, force, and elements better than wood and fiberglass. This, combined with the style and security that an iron door offers, also means a substantial addition to the value of the home, in case you ever need to sell it.

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For style, security, ease of maintenance, or home value, iron front doors are a smart choice that many homeowners are catching onto in 2019. There are plenty of reasons to go for a new iron door – and plenty of reasons to turn to Iron Doors Arizona when looking to install one. With a selection of high-quality designs and customizable options to choose from, we provide the Phoenix and Tuscon area with the perfect way to renovate and bring your home’s exterior into the modern-day.

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