A garage door is a significant investment that determines a large part of your house’s outer appearance. From material options to opening styles, the market covers a wide range of options. With so many garage door options, it is hard to know where to start. These guidelines can help you find a door that suits your house and your lifestyle. Get a durable and attractive style that also provides security.

Consider Maintenance

Some types of garage doors require more maintenance than others. When you choose your garage door, think about the kind of maintenance you will need to perform. Wood garage doors are very high maintenance and require refinishing from time to time to keep their shine and stay protected. Failing to do so will cause the material to rot, soak up moisture, and get damaged over time. It can also change shape and lose its ability to fit into the door easily.

Steel is a common choice and sometimes needs to be waxed to keep moisture out. Iron doors are sturdy and low-maintenance, especially when finished with zinc galvanizing and a catalytic primer. The galvanizing and primer combination provides adequate protection against rust. When iron doors need to be cleaned, simply wash with vegetable soap and water, then rinse off.

Choose the Right Material

When looking for garage doors in Phoenix, keep in mind the unique aspects of living in the area. For example, high temperatures are more of a concern than low ones, and the area doesn’t usually get intense wind storms. Think about your top priority for your garage door: is it sturdiness, easiness to clean, a unique appearance? Different materials will provide different benefits.

Natural wood can be beautiful but is known to rot and become nonfunctional easily. It is vulnerable to the elements. Composite wood is made from a combination of wood and resins and is more durable due to the synthetic components that help it keep its shape. It is not as malleable as wood in its natural state. Fiberglass is a common choice, and it is often cheaper than other options.

Iron doors are durable and low maintenance, making them a good choice from a practical standpoint. They also offer a unique appearance that gives your home a sense of grandness and elegance. You can also personalize an iron door in a variety of ways, from the color of the finish to the door’s design.

Browse Opening Styles

The opening style of your garage door can have as much effect on the overall look as the material and color. From old-fashioned carriage doors that swing open inside to the common raised panel, there are several types of door styles on the market. The main opening styles are sectional, up and over, and swing-out. Sectional types are the most modern, and they are sectioned into panels so that when the door opens, it folds upward by moving along a track. Up and over refers to garage doors that are one piece, and this type moves upwards in a hinge motion. It then moves back into the garage via a track. Swing out doors typically feature two doors that meet in the center and swing outwards―often manually but sometimes electrically.

Think Security

As you shop for a garage door, think about the amount of security you will get from various types. Composite wood and other thin door materials can be easy to break into, for example. Doors that swing out are also easier to pry open than a sectional opening door. Automatic garage door openings are convenient, but make sure to watch the door close as you leave. Consider deadbolt options for any side doors exiting the garage, to help keep stored items and your cars secure.

An iron door is sturdy enough to prevent potential burglars from cutting an opening with any standard saw. That extra measure of security is often enough of a deterrent to prevent burglary attempts, keeping you and your family safe.

Add Garage Door Windows

Most garage door options feature windows of some kind, so think about the type of windows and how many would be desirable for your home and your family’s lifestyle. Windows provide the benefit of natural light and add another visual element to the door. Small windows near the top of the garage door are desirable as they let light in without providing an easy view into the garage. You can avoid having to turn the light on for each trip into the garage.

Check out glass options for your windows that are frosty or wavy to further obscure the contents of your garage without sacrificing the ability to let the sunlight up the area. You can have privacy along with natural lighting thanks to these cool, modern glass types.

Variations on Iron Door Styles

Finding the right door also means finding a door that will look great attached to the rest of your house. With the many styles available, you are sure to find something that will enhance the style of your home. Iron doors offer a bold, yet classic look that is rare to see on garage doors. They add something special to your house. Even within this category, there is plenty of room for variation and personal style.

Choose from a variety of finishes to find one that suits your own home. Matte black has a sleek, modern sensibility, while dark silver offers a cool-toned option that looks great with gray and blue houses. Bronze and gold options are available as well, providing an antique look. Find the iron garage door option that suits your home best.

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Iron doors bring a uniquely elegant touch to any house, as well as plenty of practical benefits with their durability and low maintenance requirements. Contact Iron Doors Arizona to learn more about iron doors, or browse the selection online today!

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