Updated: March 2023

Everyone wants a beautiful home, especially one that stands out in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. One of the best ways to do that is to finish your front door a different color than everyone else or use a different type of door (or both!).

If you have an iron front door, you may be wondering if you can choose any color to finish it, if you should stick with more neutral tones, or if you should finish it at all. Here are a few front door finish tips to help you decide.

How to Choose a Wrought Iron Door Color

Your home has its own style. One of the first things to consider is the style of your home. It’s either a modern, traditional, or contemporary design, which means the color of your door should match your home’s style. Warm, earthy colors tend to be inviting, but bright contrasting colors can draw attention.

It’s also important to consider what colors would work in your community, especially if you have to deal with an HOA that may restrict certain colors.

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Create Contrast

A great way to make your home really pop is to create contrast. The color you choose for your front door can help accent exterior tones on shutters and other trim. It can also help create cohesiveness in a color palette that starts outside and continues inside.

Color can also affect emotion, meaning your visitors may feel excited to enter your home if your front door is a bright color. Using a more subdued tone can help keep the home looking traditional, and darker colors may give a more formal feeling to the door.

Choose the Right Kind of Finish

The right type of finish can make all the difference in how your door looks to visitors. The finish you use may be determined by the quality of your door. For example, if you have an older door, you shouldn’t use a high-gloss finish because it would accent any imperfections in the door.

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Understand a Few Color Basics

If you’re thinking about using an unexpected color, you may want to use a color wheel to determine if the color you’re interested in will complement your home. For example, a bright purple door may not work well if your home is red or has red trim.

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