When you were driving, you saw a bright red door on a classic-looking house and fell in love. When you got home, you realized that the cherry color wouldn’t bring the same type of charm to your own house. Is it the architecture? The color palette? Or something else?

Don’t worry — you have lots of options for choosing the color, material, and hardware for your front door! Read through our tips below for choosing the right style of entry door for your home, and reach out to Iron Doors Arizona if you need help choosing the perfect entryway materials.

How to Choose the Right Style Entry Door for Your Home

You likely have a few looks that you’d classify as “favorites” and a list in your head of doors you’d like to stay away from. The first step to choosing a door is picking the right material for your entryway. This depends on a few factors, such as your budget, the durability you need, and the appearance of your overall home.

Choose the Optimal Door Material

When choosing the right material for your front door, you’ll need to think about your long-term plans. Do you want to buy something more practical for your budget, or are you thinking of installing extremely low-maintenance material? While wrought iron, steel, and fiberglass are low maintenance, you may not want to deal with a solid wooden door for too long. Wood doors, while they are aesthetically pleasing, are not as energy-efficient or insulating as the below options and are often not as durable. This can be a dealbreaker for the security-conscious homeowner in Arizona.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are safe, practical, and budget-friendly for most homeowners. They’re hard to break through, and they’re weatherproof. Like fiberglass and wrought iron doors, they’re energy-efficient, and they do a great job of not letting air leak out of (and into) your home.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are great options for those who want to mimic the look of wood without installing a wooden door that could be easily broken or warped with time and poor weather conditions. These doors are additionally very low-maintenance because they are made to withstand whatever nature throws at them. Because they are constructed to fit your home, they are a great energy-efficient option, but the color of these doors may fade slightly over time when constantly exposed to sunlight.

Complement Your Home’s Architecture

Completing the exterior of your home with the right type of door is a bit like decorating the interior. If you have chosen to paint your walls light grey and opted for a modern farmhouse vibe in your kitchen, you probably wouldn’t want to decorate your living room with a Swedish minimalist approach.

Make the Best Entry Door Choice

Every home has architectural features that make it unique. You’ll want to choose a door for the style of your home based on its lines, how open it feels, and how the hardware complements the door itself. If you don’t know the style of your home’s architecture, begin there and educate yourself about the difference between Craftsmen, contemporary, traditional, and cottage architecture.

Single Wrought Iron Doors

For an instant upgrade that’s both cost-effective and safe, consider installing a single wrought iron door. Wrought iron door styles signify elegance, durability, and style to onlookers. If you want to add instant curb appeal to your home’s exterior, consider a single wrought iron door. In addition to looking great, the material withstands the elements and keeps you and your family safe inside your home.

Double Wrought Iron Doors

What about homes with wider doorways? Double wrought iron door styles are crafted to fit wider entryways. You can find an ornate geometric or floral design to match any style of architecture. While more detailed door designs may work better with more traditional architecture, geometric styles lend themselves well to modern home exteriors.

Custom Doors

We love to give our customers the option of designing a custom wrought iron door that complements the home in a unique way. Our custom doors are handcrafted and made with high-quality finishes such as glass panes that can be opened, weather-resistant paint, and the option of installing a deadbolt or a keypad to add an extra layer of security to your front door.

You may also wish to choose between a single or double door, and you might want to add a metal screen to keep out the warm-weather pests as well. If you wish to speak to us about designing a custom door for your Arizona home, we’re happy to work with you to complete your project.

French Wrought Iron Doors

French doors add instant charm and class to a home’s exterior — and French wrought iron door styles can give your home this same appeal without drastically changing anything about the architecture, paint, or roofing style. We can work with you to find a design of French doors that complement your existing home design.

Add Great Looking Hardware

Your new door won’t be complete without hardware that complements and contrasts its features. Choose between numerous finish options to match your home’s color scheme, or add elegantly crafted pull handles that are as intricate as your door itself. We offer to install a deadbolt or a keypad in several color options for added safety. We take your safety seriously, and we stand by both our doors and the locks that keep them securely fastened in place.

Get In Touch With Iron Doors Arizona

Are you ready to replace your front door with a carefully selected and crafted model? A wrought iron door, whether it’s a single or double model, will upgrade the exterior of your home and bring instant curb appeal to your property.

Contact Iron Doors Arizona to speak to one of our representatives further about our doors, our financing and special offers, and learn how you can custom-design a door and select your own hardware to complement its finish. We look forward to helping you elevate your home’s exterior to the next level!