When it comes to doors, a homeowner has no shortage of choices. You can pick from a variety of materials like luxury wrought iron doors and choose from various door styles like the popular single iron door designs. But to find the perfect door for your home, you need to know a little about the different door styles.

Classic Door

The classic door is the typical door with six panels. You see it just about everywhere, and it’s a very traditional entryway. There are a few variations of the classic door. For example, the six panels can be glass. There are also four, six and eight paneled doors. Hardware is typically the standard doorknob, but you can choose from multiple variations of it. The classic door is versatile, allowing you to play with color but still keeping a traditional look for your home.

Colonial Door

Based on the period it is named after, a colonial style door is usually the classic style door, but more ornamental. Above the door, you will usually find an ornamental crowning of some type and on either side of the door, flattened columns with an ornate design accent the entryway. The focus of the colonial style was craftsmanship and lavish design. Hardware for these doors fit the period, usually using skeleton key style locks and knobs.

Contemporary Door

Contemporary or modern style doors are characterized by little decoration, clean lines, and glass. The architecture of the door can be from mid-century style to the sleek and simple designs of today. They use hardware like swinging door handles or sliding door handles and are usually double doors. Wrought iron door designs are common in contemporary architecture.

Craftsman Door

Craftsman style doors give a handmade feel to bungalow or cottage type homes. They are usually single doors and may have a small ledge below the three or six window clear or stained glass panes. Top wrought iron door designs can work on these style doors, but you should get the opinion of an expert at Iron Doors Arizona when choosing this style.

Rustic Door

The rustic style is patterned after the Old-World doors of Europe, Africa, and Asia and makes the best wrought iron door designs. The vertical slats tend to be simple in design while still portraying a classic charm. The most notable feature of this style door is the speakeasy which is a pane of glass typically behind wrought iron bars.

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