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Iron Doors Arizona understands that it’s all about the details. Details include Finish, Glass, Decorative Pull Handles & Locks. Accessories are like selecting the right jewelry to compliment a nice dress.  In other words, choosing the right accessories for your new iron door design is very important to the overall look.  Below you will find several of our design options and if you don’t see what you want, we can always custom build the style of your choice!

Addition to Accessories

A building’s entryway is one of the most important parts of the structure. It welcomes, protects, and adds character. With custom iron doors, you can upgrade any home, whether your taste is craftsman, classic, rustic, colonial, or contemporary. As with any artistic project, the magic is in the details. Iron door accessories can accentuate, complement, and highlight any design.

These decorative elements may seem inconsequential, but they really are the cornerstones of any look. From paint and glass to pull handles and deadbolts, each element is a chance to add beauty, style, and function. We know that all of our customers are unique, so we offer a range of custom options to help you create the grand entrance you want. Past projects have resulted in a wide variety of doors, including industrial-chic, Scandinavian-inspired, Old World-style, and artisanal pieces.

Superior Custom Finishes

The most visible parts of your custom iron doors will be your paint and glass selections. You want a look that complements the frame’s design but is also durable and functional. Recent trends have pointed toward matte black and warm metal finishes, but we offer a range of gold, silver, and bronze paint tones to suit your preferences and tastes.

When it comes to glass, we know that utility and style are equally high priorities. If you want maximum exposure to the sunlight and passersby, a clear panel may be the best choice. For more privacy, while still allowing light in, you can choose from one of our textured finishes such as Frost, Rain, Tea, Pear, Water Cubic, New Chip, or Aquatex. All glass designs have a unique opening window with a metal screen that allows nice airflow while keeping the critters out.

High-Quality Hardware

Once you select the paint and glass, you can bring the whole look together with hardware accents. Premium custom iron doors deserve high-quality handles and deadbolts. Large-scale pull handle sets are de rigueur, and we have a range of options to choose from, including twisted, smooth, ornate, and clean designs.

Deadbolts are essential, but you need more than just a plain lock. We have traditional designs with single and dual cylinders. If you’re more high-tech-focused, you could choose from a few Kwikset SmartCode keypad entryways.

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With so many options, you’re sure to be able to design the door of your dreams. For more information on custom iron doors and iron door accessories, browse our catalog and reach out to our custom design team for your FREE estimate.

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