When it comes to your home, whether you’re selling it or not, curb appeal matters. It’s the first and last impression on anyone who visits, including potential buyers.

If you’ve been thinking about possible curb appeal ideas and how to improve curb appeal, we’ve got you covered. Here are six curb appeal tips to get you started.

Purchase New Numbers

Take a good look at your home from the outside. Think like a buyer. Are your house numbers easy to see from the street? If not, you need to replace them. Adding new numbers to your home’s exterior can have a huge impact on its curb appeal. Plus, it makes it easier for visitors to find your home.

When you go shopping for your new numbers, be sure to take into consideration the style of your home. Is it contemporary, modern or traditional? Choose numbers that either compliment the style or add a bit of contrast for visual interest.

Pressure Wash Decks and Siding

Another easy way to improve your curb appeal is to pressure wash your home. A pressure washer is a cheap and easy way to make your home look almost brand new again because it removes all the dirt and debris that has accumulated over the years. If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can rent one from your local home improvement store.


If pressure washing your home doesn’t get it as clean as you thought it would, you may need to repaint. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders to enhance a home’s appearance. Whether you use the same color or change it up, a fresh coat or two of paint can make your home look like the day you bought it.

Add Some Landscaping

Plants are a great way to surround your home with color. Some annual plants are always in bloom (unless it’s the middle of winter).

Light Up Your Pathways

Adding lighting to the path leading up to your front door can make your home stand out from the others on your street. You can also add lighting to your landscaping.

Replace Your Front Door

Your front door makes a huge impression on both visitors and potential buyers. An iron door can add instant luxury and security to your home. While they look expensive, they are affordable so you can make your dream of adding an iron door a reality.

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