New constructions offer the ability to customize your new space fully. Whether it’s new home construction or one for your office, this ability means you can ensure your new structure matches the building of your dreams.

Building a New Home? Have Your Contractor Check Out Iron Doors for Inside and Out!

If you haven’t already, you should consider wrought iron doors for your new home or business construction. Wrought iron doors bring various benefits that are unmatched by inferior doors made of lesser quality materials. With a diverse design selection, you can also choose wrought iron doors for your front door and interior doors.

It’s hard to go wrong with this style of door. If you’re still not convinced, make sure to check out a detailed analysis of their benefits below.

Iron Doors Are Made From High-Quality Materials

At Iron Doors Arizona, we take our products seriously. We hand-craft each new door in a specialized faculty, and we employ a team of skilled professionals who are considered masters of their trade. From our design consultants to our metal workers and iron forgers, we all have a passion for delivering high-quality iron doors. We’re both product-focused and customer-focused, meaning we want you to set your standards high so we can truly “wow” you when we clear the bar.

As we’re based in Phoenix, we know how the harsh climate can wear things down. So, we build our iron doors knowing that they’ll be put to the test almost immediately, whether that test comes from dry, hot heat, punishing winds, or violent monsoons.

That’s why we take a different approach from our competitors, who apply a primer to their iron doors in an attempt to prevent rust. Instead, we go the extra yard and apply zinc galvanizing before our catalytic primer. This is the best way to stop the development of rust and adds to our doors’ durability.

We hold ourselves accountable for building superior wrought iron doors with every order we receive. To ensure that all of our doors remain high-quality, we also use a set of specific standards that each door we build must meet:

  • 12-gauge steel frames and panels
  • 5/8th-inch Low-E insulated glass for UV protection
  • All doors are sandblasted to ensure a smooth finish
  • All scrollwork is a 5/8-inch solid steel
  • Arizona-code approved
  • Heavy-duty barrel hinges with grease fittings
  • Polyurethane foam insulation in frames and panels
  • Weather-stripped door and glass frames

These materials and specifications help make all of our doors high quality regardless of the level of customization involved. To demonstrate our confidence in each door’s craftsmanship, we also include a limited 5-year warranty with each purchase.

Iron Doors Provide Security

In the most practical sense, a door is designed to offer security. It should allow those welcome to come inside but prevent those uninvited from entering. That’s exactly what wrought iron doors do, and their level of security extends beyond potential intruders.

However, let’s tackle the idea of break-ins first. Despite what many people believe, most robbers don’t engage in parkour to bound up the side of your home to sniff out that unlocked second-floor window. Typically, break-ins occur when the robber makes their way through the front door, either by just turning the knob and walking or engaging in lock-breaking. So, thieves often stake out the home that looks easiest to gain access to and target that house.

Wrought iron doors, though, offer an intimidation factor that other doors simply can’t match. You aren’t likely to knock down an iron door or try to break the lock through force. Put simply, wrought iron doors make your home look difficult to break into, which is usually enough to remove it from a list of potential robbery targets.

When you purchase a wrought iron door, you also gain protection against the elements. Arizona windstorms can carry damaging debris that makes a significant dent in a typical wooden door. Wrought iron doors, on the other hand, will hold up to this kind of punishment. They’re also resistant to everything from fire to moisture to rot and to insects. That level of protection is superior to the competition.

Iron Door Designs Offer Customization

Everyone has heard the cliche that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and while that’s a wonderful sentiment when discussing individuals, when it comes to homes, emphasize curbside appeal. Wrought iron doors can add a touch of elegance that helps set your home apart from others on your block.

We offer customizable wrought iron doors, and our design consultants can help make sure your vision matches fits your needs. Whether you want a bevy of artistic touches or prefer a minimalist design, we can help turn any typical interior or exterior door into a true work of art.

As part of our design offerings, we include several accessories that add visual appeal and practical features. Many people choose to include sidelights, for example, to an exterior door. These sidelights are a great way to allow natural light into any space. To increase airflow during intense Arizona summers, we can also add venting sidelights that open up and allow in a refreshing breeze.

Our customizations make it easy to match your iron door to the architectural touches of your new home or business construction. We can customize the door’s overall design, the glasswork and clarity, the door’s finish, and its handles. By incorporating your new construction design into your new iron door, you can ensure that every aspect of the space flows perfectly from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Iron Doors Arizona Is Here For Your New Construction Needs

At Iron Doors Arizona, we regularly partner on new construction projects to handcraft and install unique, elegant, and secure wrought iron doors. Check out our gallery to see examples of our work, then make sure to call us at (602) 497-0239 to see how we add the perfect touch to your new home or office space.