It’s a classic matchup that’s been fought through the ages: wooden doors vs. iron doors. The competition has always been fierce, and while wood doors may be more typical overall, iron doors offer benefits that may tip the scales in their favor. Before purchasing new doors for the home construction or remodeling, make sure to check out our tale of the tape below.


  • Wood Doors
    • Beyond all else, a door must be durable. If it’s not durable, then it’s not so much a door as it is a temporary slab of material on a hinge. Wood doors can be durable. The critical part of that sentence is the word “can.” Wood requires a high amount of care and maintenance to extend its lifetime. Specifically, these doors need to be sealed immediately upon installation. Otherwise, the wood will absorb moisture from the environment, which, given enough time, will incur warping and swelling. While Phoenix is known for its dry heat, that doesn’t mean there’s a complete absence of water in the air.
    • Also, the Phoenix area can have intense, albeit brief, storms that may bring waves of rain.
    • Additionally, wood doors need to be resealed every couple of years. As wood is a porous material, this is necessary to keep microorganisms and mold from penetrating the grain. They may also need to be repainted or re-stained too. As these doors are relatively heavy, they may eventually begin to sag, too, if the frame isn’t up to snuff.
  • Iron Doors

    • On the other hand, iron doors don’t typically fall prey to these types of durability issues. Iron isn’t porous and won’t absorb moisture from the air or environment. Because iron is a metal, there’s no chance of water warping the material or causing swelling. The main issue when it comes to durability is rust. Some iron doors rust, although that’s not typically the case with doors from Iron Doors Arizona. Our doors are built treated to be rust-free, meaning they can take a beating without fear of damaging the material. For maintenance, iron doors only need a quick cleaning now and then to stay looking brand new. There’s no need for re-sealing or re-painting.

Energy Efficiency

  • Wood Doors

  • Iron Doors

    • If an iron door contains no other material or properties, it can also be a poor insulator. Iron acts as a conductor for heat, helping to transfer it from hotter spaces to cooler ones. However, the iron doors from Iron Doors Arizona are constructed with foam insulation. This means that our iron doors will act as superior insulators, keeping hot air outside during the summer and inside during the colder months.

Style and Appeal

  • Wood Doors

    • They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it’s hard to say objectively whether wood doors or iron doors offer more style. Wood doors are more typical, though. This makes it harder to stand out or add curb appeal when your front door looks like your neighbor’s, and their door looks like your other neighbor’s door. To be fair, some wood doors come with intricate artistry. They may have delicate carvings or unique panels or windows. However, even then, a wood door remains a wood door.
  • Iron Doors

    • However, there’s something about an iron door that speaks to the elegance and class of those living behind it. With additional design touches like glass paneling or custom finishes, you can turn the dial up to 11 when it comes to curbside appeal.
    • Because of the customizability of iron doors, they can fit in with any style. If you want something hip and industrial-chic, you can find or design an iron door that fits your need. If you want something with more classical design notes, you can do that, too.

Security and Strength

  • Wood Doors

    • With a strong enough lock system, a wood door can act as a decent security measure. However, a wood door is more easily broken than an iron door, even if the door is made from solid construction. An ax or other tools could potentially damage the door or provide an entryway to ne’er-do-wells.
    • Even a strong storm can cause damage to a wood door. Debris carried by a strong wind could disfigure the door, letting in rain, sand, and other detritus.
    • Furthermore, wood is susceptible to fire. Even when treated with a retardant, these doors may make it easier for a fire to gain entry from outside your home. As fire spreads aren’t atypical in the Arizona area, this could mean your home’s interior is more severely damaged during a disaster.
  • Iron Doors

    • Iron doors are incredibly difficult to damage or break down. An ax or ramming tool will have a tough time taking down this type of door. Think about it this way: There’s a reason that vaults and lockboxes are made from metal and not wood.
    • Fire, wind, and intense storms will be held at bay by an iron door. This means you’re less likely to experience additional damage inside your home during extreme weather or a natural disaster.

Iron Doors Arizona

At Iron Doors Arizona, we care about your Phoenix- or Tucson-area home. That’s why our iron doors come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. We use high-quality hardware so that your door does more than protect your home. It also adds style, class, and elegance.

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