What you’ll learn:

  • Iron doors add value to your home by increasing their potential resale price and adding security and durability to your front entryway.
  • Iron doors provide aesthetic value, too, with the ability to customize sidelights, transoms, and a variety of finishing touches.
  • Iron Doors Arizona handcrafts their high-quality doors with a team of skilled and trained metal workers and iron forgers.

As you think about your remodeling resolutions, think about iron doors. While they often serve as a secure, artful front door, they also work inside your home and at your place of work too. They add value to your home, are easy to maintain, and bring a sense of modern aesthetics that can drive neighbors to quick jealousy.

Do Iron Doors Add Value to Your Home?

Iron doors are an investment that pays off in multiple ways. The first and most obvious way is in the financial value it adds to your house. When you peruse your favorite home online real estate website and punch in your preferred Phoenix neighborhood, you’ll likely notice that homes with iron doors as their main entryway tend to have a higher asking and selling price than those without.

Of course, the word “value” has more meaning than monetary value. Iron doors offer plenty of benefits and advantages over the more common varieties of doors. For instance, they offer improved security. It takes real effort to even try to break down a door made of iron. Should a potential thief prowl through your neighborhood, the sight of an iron door at the entrance is enough to send them scurrying elsewhere.

Iron doors are also durable. They can withstand high temperatures, excess moisture, and the eroding dust-filled winds of Arizona. They’ll hold up for years with some basic maintenance.

The final piece of value that iron doors add to your home is aesthetics. At Iron Doors Arizona, our doors are handcrafted by skilled and trained metal workers and iron forgers. We use high-quality steel, artisan paints, and efficient, engineered glass to complete a unique look.

How Do You Maintain Iron Doors?

Phoenix’s dry climate means that excess moisture is rarely an issue with iron doors. Even if it were, the iron doors we produce are coated in pure zinc before we apply the primer.

So, a simple cleaning routine is all the maintenance your door typically requires:

  1. Mix a teaspoon of vegetable-based soap into a bowl of water until small suds form.
  2. Use a soft, abrasive-free cloth and dip it into the water-soap solution.
  3. Working your way top-to-bottom, gently wipe the door.
  4. When finished, spray the door with a hose on a gentle setting. You can also use a dry, abrasive-free cloth to wipe away any remaining suds on the door.

The key to iron door maintenance is to use soft cloths and cleaners. Abrasives can damage the door’s finish, leaving it susceptible to rust or damage.

How Do You Modernize a Front Door?

Iron doors are both timeless and modern. Their intricate designs help transform an entryway from something drab and dreary to one that sparkles with elegance. The ability to design a unique iron door for your home also makes it easy to choose one that fits your personal aesthetic.

In many ways, an iron door is more than just a door. They can include fixed or venting sidelights and transoms. These features invite natural light into your home or provide a passageway for a soft breeze to sweep through during stifling Arizona summers. Beyond these practical benefits, sidelights and transoms can also be custom designed to create a true work of art that beckons admirers.

You can also choose from a bevy of custom finishes, glasswork, and door handles to finish off your iron door. These design choices are often a personal preference and add a final dash of style to your door.

What is the Best Material For an Exterior Front Door?

The right answer is, of course, wrought iron. Their durability, reliability, and elegance leave the competition in the dust.

For instance, Wood doors can easily warp when exposed to the elements. This can make them difficult to open and close and damage their ability to insulate.

Solid glass doors have their disadvantages, too. They offer no privacy, and while some are energy efficient, not all are. This means your home may be leaking heat during cold seasons and cool air during hot months.

When you look at all the benefits that iron doors offer, from security to aesthetics to durability, it’s hard to find a reason to choose another material. Even better, they can be installed as front entryways or through a home’s or office’s interior.

How Can Iron Doors Arizona Help?

Iron Doors Arizona uses high-quality materials and well-trained craftsmen to build unique iron doors that fit your remodeling needs. Our doors fit both residential and commercial applications and are the perfect addition for a remodel or new construction. Contact us online or call us today at (602) 362-2302 to see how our handcrafted iron doors can add value to your home or workspace.