Discover how iron’s properties make it an ideal selection for an energy-efficient door:

  • Understand how thermal breaks prevent heat transference
  • Learn whether glass in iron doors contributes to interior heat
  • Find out iron’s additional benefits for your property

When the summer temperatures swelter in Arizona, you need every advantage you can get to keep cool in your home. Iron Doors Arizona recommends you invest in one of our quality iron screen doors. Despite what you may think at first glance, wrought iron doors offer exemplary energy efficiency. Ready to learn about how they can keep you comfortable while lending to your home’s overall interior and exterior style?

Save Energy With Iron Doors in Arizona

The beautiful iron doors Arizona homeowners and business owners are installing throughout Paradise Valley and Scottsdale are certainly eye-catching, but are they energy efficient? With escalating energy prices, anything that can trim your summer cooling bill, or keep more of your heated air inside in winter, is welcome. Yet if wrought iron doors rob your house of energy, should you consider them for your Phoenix home?

A Little Physics

Hot things get cold; that is the second law of thermodynamics you may remember from high school. You can slow down this entropy by insulating to block the flow of heat. Iron front doors — if they were only iron — would be excellent conductors of heat into and out of your home.

Iron conducts heat very well. The iron entry doors we manufacture with precision and care are iron, of course, but they are also much more:

  • Fully insulated with polyurethane foam
  • Low-e, five-eighths-inch-thick, insulated glass
  • Weatherstripping was installed around the doorway and glass frame to prevent water and air infiltration

Combining these materials — iron for beauty, prestige, and security; insulation and insulated glass for energy efficiency; weatherstripping to prevent drafts — means your iron front door works day and night against the entropy that robs your home of comforting cooling in the summer and warmth in the winter.

Lighten Up

Your other option for security is a steel-jacketed, wooden-core entry door with no windows. It is secure, but it is also extremely unattractive and ignores the great advantage of iron doors with insulated glass windows. The natural light entering through the expanses of glass in Iron Doors Arizona’s products helps you avoid turning on lights when free sunlight is abundant in the Valley of the Sun.

Open Up

Many of the iron entry doors in our gallery include interior, dual-pane glass panels that can open to let air circulate in spring and fall. This means if a gentle, welcoming breeze is blowing, you retain your security and enjoy the airflow. We do not mean a tiny peekaboo window, either; our iron-gate doors and entry doors can have large expanses of glass panels that hinge and admit many cubic feet of air per minute.

On the other hand, if you want to keep hot air out, these panels can close and the weatherstripping prevents hot air from infiltrating your cooled home.

Iron’s Natural Properties

One thing that makes iron doors efficient is the metal conducts heat, which means it drags exterior heat into or out of your home. To balance the material’s conductive nature, energy-efficient iron doors come with thermal breaks, insulation that blocks energy loss. What that boils down to is the iron door you install in your home is two pieces of metal divided by interior insulation that prevents it from drawing or exuding heat. Because some of our customers worry about their iron door’s glass inserts becoming an entryway for heat, know that most glasses in iron doors have a special finish coating that reflects sunlight.

Other than a thermal break and a special coating for the glass, quality doors wrought from iron have powerful dual sealing that keeps air from escaping. It may shock you to learn how much energy homeowners lose because of air gaps in their windows and doors. After installing an iron door, you no longer have to worry about worrisome drafts around your door because of inferior (or nonexistent) weatherstripping.

Supplementary Benefits of Having Iron Doors in Arizona

Irons Doors have far more benefits than just energy efficiency!

Because your home doesn’t heat up as much with a quality iron door, you may find you don’t crank your air conditioner up as the mercury rises. That means you may notice a dip in your energy bills, which means your new door may pay for itself.

Iron’s energy efficiency doesn’t stop when the seasons change. During Arizona’s winter season, your door blocks cold air from blowing into your home, which may let you give your furnace a break while you continue saving money on the cost of cooling and heating your home year-round.

Depending on the Phoenix neighborhood in which you live, exterior sounds may often infiltrate your home. Another benefit of iron doors is they block out sounds, letting you enjoy serenity inside the comfort of your residence. You may even like the idea of installing an iron door for certain rooms in your home, such as an office, so you may focus and avoid distraction, which may save you time when you need to concentrate on completing tasks.

Perhaps you like to light your home naturally in the daytime and worry an iron door may block sunlight. Not to worry, as iron doors allow light to pass through while blocking sound, heat transfer, and air. Any light pouring into your home through the glass in an iron door does not contribute to heat gain. Instead, you only invite in a vibrant light that adds to your home’s ambiance and your family’s comfort.

Choose Iron Doors Arizona 

We know you have plenty of options when shopping for iron doors for sale in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ, so why should you choose Iron Doors Arizona? We focus on providing all our customers with exemplary and personal detailed service. Our customers also enjoy a generous selection of quality products to choose from, and we handcraft each of our doors in a special factory under the watch of an experienced, dedicated manager.

Let us know if you’re interested in a single, double, or French iron door, and we’ll show you our generous offerings. Once you decide on a door design that matches your aesthetic, don’t forget to further customize your door with accessories, including finishes, glass, a screen, pull handles, and a deadbolt.

For a one-of-a-kind door, Iron Doors Arizona has you covered. We craft all of our doors to your specifications, so you never settle for a finished product that’s “second best” or “good enough.” You select everything from the filigree designs to the metals used to craft the door.

No matter the size or scope of your project, you’ll receive help from our team of iron forgers, metal workers, and design consultants who share our commitment to using nothing but the best to provide each of our customers with the best.

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