Just because you have a doorway that won’t fit a sprawling, intricate entryway doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice either security or style when updating your home’s entryways. Single wrought iron entry doors are here to fulfill both needs while taking up less space than some other entry doors, offering the best of both worlds when it comes to both home security and expression in size and shape that works for you.

While there might be dozens of other options out there, wrought iron has a lot to offer that simply can’t be found elsewhere. Are they the right option for your home, though? Read up on the facts from Iron Doors Arizona before deciding.

Better Home Security with Wrought Iron Doors

When it comes to making any sort of improvement to your home, safety should always be a top concern. That’s why you’ll be glad to hear that wrought iron doors are some of the most secure on the market.

Their amazing durability means they stand up against a wide range of threats without a struggle, especially criminals who might be seeking to make your belongings their own, which in turn gives you peace of mind that’s simply priceless. Around 40 percent of home break-ins involve forced entry, but when you have an iron door, would-be intruders will be met with solid iron that’s not going to give much under even the hardest kick.

Standing Up to Everyday Threats

Burglary, of course, isn’t the only challenge an entryway door encounters. On a daily basis, your front door comes into contact with more mundane – but arguably more hazardous – threats that could leave it in shambles: weather. Rain, sleet, snow, changing temperatures, and intense sun all take a toll on doors over time, leading to a deteriorating appearance and, in the instance of steel and wood doors, a poorer overall performance.

Fortunately, there are plenty of door materials that keep these ill effects at bay, and wrought iron is one of them.

Iron doors are different than other doors simply because they’re heavier and sturdier all around. They are highly resistant to extreme changes in temperature, which means you don’t need to worry about the material becoming brittle over time. They are also excellent at:

  • Withstanding a large amount of pressure
  • Holding up against hurricane-force winds
  • Keeping rain and water out
  • Resisting the effects of fire

If extreme temperatures, rain, or wind are an issue where you live, wrought iron is the ideal solution to all your entryway worries. Its general weatherproofing is unbeatable and provides homeowners with peace of mind like no other door.

A Low Maintenance Solution for Your Home

When you deal with wooden doors, you have to repaint and seal your entryway door every few years to prevent water damage, and steel doors are easily dented and require serious repairs to prevent rust. Iron doors, on the other hand, require minimal effort to keep looking great and working properly over the years. They are not rust-proof, but rust is easy enough to prevent. Just a small amount of work can help it last a lifetime. All you need to do is:

  1. Mix up a combination of warm water and vegetable-based soap
  2. Soak a towel in the mixture
  3. Completely wipe down your wrought iron door
  4. Hose the soap off of the door
  5. Wipe your door dry with a soft, dry towel

By performing these five steps only once every month or so, you can ensure your investment is a long-lasting one and that you never need another entry door replacement again.

Outstanding Efficiency with an Iron Door

Another arena in which single iron doors truly excel is efficiency. Your entry doors are one of the biggest potential energy wasters in your home. A poorly installed door or a door that’s made of poor materials can result in an astonishing 18 – 20 percent of the heat loss your home experiences overall. This leads to a rather large spike in your monthly energy usage, especially during the summer months, when you’re fighting the heat, or the winter when you’re trying your best to keep the interior of your home warm.

Iron doors are some of the most effective when it comes to handling heat transference, a fact that might surprise many. If you’ve ever touched a piece of iron that’s been left out in the heat or cold, you’ll note how extreme the surrounding temperature has affected it.

The same does not apply to most iron doors, though, because they are not made of pure iron. Iron doors are built with the weather in mind and include details such as:

  • Full interior insulation with polyurethane foam
  • Weatherstripping around the doorway and any glass frames to prevent air travel
  • Low-e glass for doors with any window panels

Alone, iron would make poor material for efficiency. However, with these design choices, iron doors provide one of the most efficient experiences of any door on the market and make them an excellent option for even the most energy-conscious household.

A Unique Look in a Smaller Entryway Space

Aside from the great boosts to security, durability, and efficiency that iron has to offer, homeowners can also use wrought iron entryways to give their home a unique appeal unlike any other. Wrought iron’s unparalleled consistency allows manufacturers to achieve a huge array of elegant looks with scrolling steel set around efficient glass panels, modern, elegant, clean-cut iron bar designs, and everything between.

Whether you’re using a single iron door as an entryway to your home or you want an elegant entrance to your wine cellar or another prominent part of your home, you’ll never be disappointed with the original look of these doors.

This combination of benefits makes iron doors hard to beat for the modern homeowner.

Learn More About the Many Options Available from Iron Doors Arizona

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