When it comes to choosing a front door for your home, there are many different options. Iron doors make a unique statement, and they have numerous benefits. When it comes to iron doors, there is a difference between an entry door and a security front door, but many people do not know what they are.

Learn what the differences are and other benefits that come with choosing iron. When you are ready for a new door for your home, let Iron Doors Arizona help you find the right one.

Iron Entry Door

A wrought iron entry door is exactly like it sounds. It is a door that provides entry into the home, and it is typically used as a front door. An iron entry door is sealed and insulated, so it keeps heat, cold, and other unwanted things outside. The foam insulation helps maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature in the home. The door also opens to the inside, so it is easy for you and any guest to walk into the house. The door provides a secure way to enter while being aesthetically pleasing.

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Wrought Iron Security Door

To help you better understand how an iron security door differs from an entry door, it is also called a screen door or storm door. Some have a screen divider, some do not, and the door is fitted outside the entry door. As opposed to the entry door, which opens to the inside, the door opens out and away from the home’s interior.

An iron security door provides an extra layer of security. Another benefit is that it allows light and airflow into your house.

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Are All Iron Doors Secure?

One of the big draws of purchasing an iron door is the security it provides. Iron doors are the sturdiest and most durable of all types of doors. For example, one disadvantage of vinyl and wood doors is they are penetrable. In contrast, iron doors are resistant to everything, including extremely high temperatures, so it is difficult for things, such as fire, to permeate through.

Iron doors are secure against water infiltration and pressure testing. They can also withstand remarkably high winds. In fact, they have been shown to hold up through the force of hurricane winds and are resistant to damage from flying debris and objects. The doors also resist rot, moisture, and all kinds of insects.

Another reason people choose iron doors is they provide a sense of safety. Their strength makes it nearly impossible for someone else to penetrate or knock down. There are different material thicknesses to choose from, and a 12-gauge door offers maximum security. Higher gauge numbers have thinner material. In addition to the door itself, you can choose a tamper-proof locking system.

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Why Choose Iron Door as Your Front Door?

Along with security, there are additional benefits to choosing an iron door. Yes, a door made out of iron is more expensive than doors made out of other types of material. However, an iron door is a great investment. In fact, it will last a lifetime and there is no need to replace it.

For upkeep, monthly cleanings will keep it looking fresh. Use warm water and a vegetable-based soap to wipe the door, and then rinse off the soap with a hose. Make sure to dry the door thoroughly to prevent rust buildup. Otherwise, there is no need for additional sealing, staining, or painting throughout the lifetime of the door.

Having an iron door also saves you money on utilities. About 20% of heat and cold air loss occurs through traditional doors. The insulation of iron doors prevents this loss, which can make a significant difference in utility bills monthly.

Iron doors are also very versatile. Although most people choose them for entry and security doors, they make a unique statement in other areas of your home. For example, an iron door makes a stunning statement as a wine cellar entry. It is also great for maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level, which is important for wine preservation. A single iron door can be used in back or side entrances. Iron doors are also popular in commercial spaces, especially because of their stability and security.

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Wrought Iron Doors Designs — Is There Variety to Choose From? 

Another benefit of choosing wrought iron entry doors is that they look great. They make a grand statement and add curb appeal. They come in a wide variety of styles and designs to fit any residence. Iron Doors Arizona is also able to customize a door for a client’s particular needs. Some of the design options include

  • Door types – The first thing to decide is what type of door you want. There are single doors for smaller entryways and double doors for larger ones. There are also French doors, which can be used as an exterior door or to replace sliding glass doors.
  • Door design and style – The next step is to choose the artistic style of the door. This ranges from traditional styles, such as bars and points, to modern styles that incorporate geometric designs and flare. Choose a desert theme, artistic swirls, or a simpler look. Whatever your style, there is a door that complements it.
  • Door accessories – Although it may seem like a small addition, door accessories complete the overall look. There are numerous high-quality deadbolts, handles, and pull handle sets with various designs.
  • Glass or screen addition – Many people choose to add a glass panel to add to the beauty of the door. It can be a closed pane or one that opens to allow for airflow. Some choose to add a metal screen to the iron door. This also allows for airflow but keeps out insects, dirt, and other debris.
  • Multiple finishes – What you use to finish the door’s paint and glass makes a huge visible statement. You want to complement the design of the frame while also being functional. Popular finishes are warm metal and matte black, but there are other paint tones, such as bronze, silver, and gold. In terms of glass finishes, you can keep it clear or texture it with frost, aquatex, new chip, or water cubic.

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