You want what’s best for your family, and that means making your home a safe, secure environment. With thousands of burglaries taking place across the United States each and every year, the best way to achieve the desired safety levels in your home is by investing in brand-new entry doors.

Of course, not just any new entry doors will do if you’re looking for the best. Most people looking for a more secure home experience opt for either exterior iron doors or steel doors. Each of these types of doors has its own pros and cons you should consider before deciding which is right for your home.

The Right Amount of Security

Security is, of course, the issue you should always consider first when finding the right door for your home. However, this is one of the only instances in which these doors are equally matched. Both steel and iron doors are thick, firm, and generally quite weather-proof.

Both iron doors and steel doors are less prone to cracking under force. However, steel doors can become less secure if rust begins to build because this deterioration makes the material more brittle.

Curb Appeal With an Iron or Steel Door

Fortunately, keeping your home safe doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Both iron and steel doors come in a wide range of styles.

However, iron doors tend to have a much more elaborate, personalized look than steel. In fact, most popular steel doors tend to emulate the appearance of wooden doors, allowing people to get the traditional look of a wooden door with the superior attributes of steel materials.

There are also many accessories such as door pulls or window styles that add to the beauty and appearance of a door.

Meanwhile, many iron doors display elegant, scrolling elements and more intricate designs overall. Both doors have their pros and cons in this arena, but by and large, iron makes a bigger statement.

Upkeep on Your New Iron Door

Both doors require less upkeep than many others out there, but this is yet another arena where iron pulls ahead. Iron doors may require repainting every so often, but steel doors have a much longer list of maintenance duties, including:

  • Filling in any dents with an auto body repair kit
  • Repairing scratches and paint damage immediately
  • Fighting rust with frequent repainting or resealing

Iron can, of course, begin to rust, but these doors tend to be built heavier and thicker, so denting and scratching are less of an issue in the long run.

Affordable Pricing with Fewer Maintenance Costs

Affordability is one area in which steel doors tend to pull ahead. They tend to be significantly cheaper than most high-end iron doors, which is why steel doors make up around half of the door market for modern homes.

Iron doors are on the higher end of the cost scale but offer a number of benefits that simply can’t be obtained in their steel counterparts. With the initial cost, you should always consider resale value as well. Both iron and steel doors hold a higher resale value than most other doors, but iron still manages to gain the upper hand in this area. This is thanks to the often more elaborate design work that adds a great deal of character to any home.

Furthermore, keep in mind that eliminating extensive maintenance is a great way to cut down on overall cost. This is precisely why both iron and steel doors are better options than either wood or fiberglass doors in the long run. They require less upkeep, which means less cash spent on varnish and other materials over time.

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Iron and steel doors are both great options for your home, but if you require more information before making the final decision on which to install as your house’s new entry, reach out to the professionals.

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