Find the Right Iron Door. Custom iron doors on Phoenix homes always look beautiful, stately, and imposing. Some homeowners may be concerned about selecting an appropriate match for their lifestyle and house design. Yet choosing exactly the right door for your home and taste is really a matter of breaking down the possibilities and choosing each aspect as it fits your life.
Please consider these tips for buying an iron door, and then look at how your Scottsdale or Paradise Valley home can be transformed.


Beautiful new iron entry doors are ideally installed during a general remodeling project. The house is a bit disrupted anyway; why not go for the full facelift by selecting wrought iron doors for the front entryway, or a single iron door for deck and patio access outback?
The remodeling work will transform your home’s facade in a tasteful and eye-catching way. Ensuring a style match in the remodeling depends on selecting an appropriate shape, depth of jamb (thickness of the doorway including molding), and a threshold (bronze is common and very attractive).


Iron front doors can come in many shapes so that the top of the door is an arch or provides a straight lintel. Even when you choose an arch, though, you can still select more options, such as a half-circle or a more sweeping, open shape. Door designs can also incorporate straight or curved shapes, all depending on your home’s overall architectural style.

Single vs. Double

Should you select a single iron door, or consider the expansive vision of double doors? Your entryway can be remodeled to make room for this wider, bolder statement.

Jamb Depth

Iron doors include sturdy iron moldings for the frames. These can be simple and shallow or grand and detailed. The more “layers” of molding, the deeper the jamb (space from front to back). Set your iron door in a multi-layered door frame for the grandest, most imposing effect.


A bronze threshold complements your iron door and provides a rugged, sturdy base that can withstand the feet of countless family and friends coming and going from your home.

Design in the Details

Iron Doors Arizona has not only installed hundreds of beautiful, appealing iron doors throughout the state, but we also have over 100 doors on display in the largest showroom in Arizona with 10,000 square feet to browse in. We have ample experience with design details, so we can help guide you in your selection. We can provide you with information about iron door prices, curb-appealing features, and scheduling a remodeling project.

Contact us today to learn more about iron doors, the construction details, accessories, and how iron doors can help distinguish your home.