Beautiful decorative wrought iron doors are imposing and eye-catching, but some homeowners worry that they will be unable to decorate their own luxury iron doors for the holidays. Here are some lovely holiday decorating ideas that include accenting your iron entry doors with fun and festive decorations.

Design Basics

Before deciding how best to transform your iron entry doors, look at your entire entryway. Is it classically symmetrical? Is it offset with a covered front porch? Will visitors’ eyes be drawn to your front door through a meandering path, dignified cobblestones, or an austere cement walk? Your front door decor should complement, not clash with, your architecture.

This does not rule out whimsy and fun; part of the magic of the holiday season is the contrast between the magnificent formality of iron doors and the giddiness of childlike joy. If you have small children, let the front door be an extension of the exuberance felt inside your home.


The ready availability of battery-operated LED string lights means your iron door can glow with warmth. Weave the lights through and around the iron bars. For the cost of a few AA batteries, your decorative iron doors can be downright dazzling.


From the simple majesty of an all-natural wreath to a more kid-friendly wreath with ornaments twist-tied in place, wreaths of natural greenery are always appropriate. If you are lucky enough to own a single, wide iron door, you can consider an oversized wreath centered on the iron door and flanked by ribbons woven into the iron bars.

For double iron doors, opening on either side, twin wreaths are appropriate. Each should be sized to the door; their symmetry reinforces that of the iron entry doors.

Seasonally Simple

You may find decorating your front door means simplifying down to a few key elements. Consider luminaries lining the entry path to your decorative iron doors, ending with a majestic natural wreath hung amid the ironwork. Incorporate the beautiful sweep of your iron doors’ arch by making an ornamental arch of greenery, with ribbons festooned from it.

The charm of fine iron entry doors is that they can be a foundation for any decor you wish so long as you decorate with passion, sincerity, and joy for the holiday season. Iron doors and accessories also make grand gifts, so please contact Iron Doors Arizona for help designing your perfect entryway.