When driving through your neighborhood, going house hunting, or just out for a drive, sometimes looking at other homes inspires us with ideas on how to change up the look of our own home. One of the first things people tend to look at is the front door. After all, a beautiful front door can make a home stand out, especially if it is unique. Think of the homes you’ve passed recently in the Phoenix area, whose iron doors have caught your eye. There’s no doubt that iron doors increase curb appeal, with their distinctive look that adds an air of luxury and sophistication.

With glass inlays that can add natural light, an iron door even looks good on the inside.

But an iron door is more than its looks; it’s a functional piece of design that adds security and increases not only the beauty but the integrity of the entryway. These doors are difficult to break through, and the reverberations when struck will alert you to a potential intruder far better than a wood door.

Yet there’s an aspect to iron doors that are not often brought up, despite its advantages over other types of entryways: energy efficiency. Iron doors are designed to keep the temperature inside the way you like it. Their interior materials and careful weather-stripping are designed to reduce overall energy usage in your home, thus saving you money.

Iron doors are designed to help you save on energy, add safety, and add uniqueness and beauty, which helps increase the value of a home almost instantly.

Iron Doors and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is extremely important when it comes to home and building design. This is for a good reason, as energy costs continue to rise, you want to get a good bang for your buck. One of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency in your home is by removing energy sinks. These energy sinks are places where things like air-conditioned air escape your home, causing you to keep your A/C on longer.

In identifying places where energy escapes your house, the prominent spots are the places where there are literal holes in your home: doors and windows. Most front doors are made of wood, due to beauty, versatility, and price. However, wood is also the least energy efficient. Glass and patio doors fair not better, as glass acts as a poor insulator.

Now, it’s entirely reasonable to wonder how iron doors can help lower energy costs, as iron is a great conductor of heat. That is, iron, by itself, would easily transition the hot Arizona heat from the outdoors to inside your home.

However, the iron doors of Iron Doors Arizona are not merely slabs of iron fixed to hinges. No, in fact, these iron doors are manufactured with energy efficiency and insulation in mind.

Each door is a combination of materials that all work together to protect your home:

  • Iron, which adds looks, security, and sophistication
  • Polyurethane foam interiors, which add insulation
  • Insulated glass, technically Low-e five-eighths-inch-thick insulated glass, for added insulation and increased natural light
    Weather-stripping, which is installed around the doorway to add another layer of insulation

It may seem counterintuitive to mention the glass as an efficient feature when it was just said that glass does not act as a superior insulator. However, another aspect of energy efficiency is light energy. With added glass windows in the iron door, you’ll receive more natural light. An increase in natural light cuts down on the need to turn on the lights in an area that receives more sunshine than most of the country.

Additionally, the glass panels can be installed with the ability to open up. So, you can let in a light breeze during cooler spring and fall days, while still maintaining the elegance and protection of your iron door. When the panels are shut, weather-stripping still acts as a powerful insulator, keeping the hot air outside and the cool air inside.

These thoughtful touches allow the homeowner to have a beautiful front entryway while still giving them multiple advantages when it comes to efficiency.

How Installing Iron Doors Can Save You Money?

Maintaining an energy-efficient household is a win in and of itself. However, as much as you may want to do your part in keeping America green, your choice of energy-efficient elements may have to do more with keeping your wallet green, too.

Luckily, iron doors do more than their part in lowering costs and are a substantial investment for any homeowner. First, if you ever sell your house, you will more than likely recoup more than 90 percent of the cost of installation of the iron door. The new homeowners are typically happy to pay for it. Again, the appeal of an iron door will pay off, whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term investment.

Iron doors also last longer than their wood or steel-cased counterparts. A wood door can rot without proper care or attention. A steel-cased door can separate, necessitating costly repairs and potentially a brand-new door altogether.

Yet, an iron door manufactured with the highest-quality materials and crafted, engineered, and assembled to fit your doorway perfectly will last a lifetime. Indeed, an iron entry door will, in all likelihood, outlast the home in which it’s installed.

By picking a door with real durability, you’re saving yourself the cost of having a repair person come out to remove any rot or the expense of purchasing and installing a brand-new door. In yet another way, an iron door can save you money.

Along with their durability, iron doors are easy to maintain and keep clean, beautiful, and eye-catching. There’s no need for special cleaning agents or harsh, environmentally unfriendly abrasives to keep your door looking beautiful. All you need to keep your iron door in excellent condition is regular oil-based soap and a soft cloth, materials you probably have at home already. By keeping maintenance simple, you’ll get more joy from your door, and you’ll save money by not needing to purchase expensive, specialized cleaning materials.

Beyond their durability and their asset as an investment, iron doors will save you money by keeping your home energy efficient. With the versatility of your iron door, you’ll be able to save in multiple ways:

  • Insulated glass panels keep the warm air out but let in natural light.
  • Interior insulation further keeps the warm weather at bay.
  • Glass panels can be installed to swing open, allowing for air to swim through the house and reducing the need for air conditioning on breezy days.

By saving on energy through more than one way, the cost of the purchase and installation of an iron door will pay for itself many times over. Put another way, an iron door is a sound investment that improves your life and the quality of your home.

Improve Your Home Today With Iron Doors Arizona

If you’re ready to improve your quality of life, increase your home’s efficiency, and raise the potential buying price of your home, then you’re ready for an iron door. For a free estimate for how much security iron doors in Phoenix cost, contact Iron Doors Arizona today by calling 602-362-2302. With fantastic financing options available, our iron doors are an option for everyone.