French doors provide a sense of elegance, openness, and customizable charm to any home. However, as is the case with any noteworthy home upgrade, the place you decide to install these doors in your house greatly changes the overall impact they have on your home’s appeal.

That’s why you need to seriously consider the options before installing French doors in your home so that you can get the best look and function in return for your hard-earned cash.

Fortunately, when it comes to finding the perfect place for a beautiful set of French doors, there are a couple of options that beat all the others in a landslide.

Inside or Out?

Of course, before you make any concrete decisions, you need to know whether your new doors are going inside as an accent to your interior décor or outside as a new set of exterior doors. Both locations work well in terms of appearance, and both upgrades will boost your overall home value.

This decision is purely one of preference in most cases. Discussing it with a set of home design professionals can help you make the most effective decision possible.

Connect Interior Spaces

There’s no denying that French doors are some of the classiest, most elegant options on the modern market. Their interesting designs and endless possibilities are what make them ideal for use as interior doors in some spaces. The best place to use these doors as an interior option would be as a portal between a formal dining room and a living room. This has several benefits, such as:

  • Creating two distinct spaces while promoting an easy flow
  • Making both spaces feel bigger
  • Adding an interesting, eye-catching piece to each room

This is an ideal option for homes that have living rooms and dining rooms that share design elements. Creating a more open, flowing space makes both rooms blossom without losing the distinct purpose of both rooms in question.

Expand Your Horizons

If you like the idea of exterior French doors rather than the available interior options, then implementing these beautiful portals on your balcony is your best bet at making the biggest possible impression.

Not only do these doors make a beautiful accent to any patio on any home, but, with their many window panels, they also provide a better view of that patio and the yard beyond from indoors. This means enjoying a full view of the great outdoors, even on days when it’s too chilly or rainy to head outside to enjoy the patio itself.

Furthermore, these doors provide an additional source of bright, natural light to any room they’re installed in. You can enjoy bright sunshine all day long, which not only looks great and makes spaces seem bigger, but also saves you some serious cash on energy bills each and every month. Adding a set of floor-to-ceiling curtains means you’re free to enjoy all of these benefits without sacrificing an instant of your privacy, too.

Make a Line of Multiple Doors

If you have the budget for big upgrades, there’s a third option that might interest you: installing multiple French doors in a row. These are best used in large, open spaces that are adjacent to outdoor settings with interesting features.

For example, if your dining room or living room has a wonderful garden right outside, installing a few French doors gives you the perfect opportunity to show off this outdoor space whenever you happen to be entertaining. Opening the doors also invites in the fresh air and natural light, both of which are beneficial to your health and home.

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