Everyone knows that choosing a front door is crucial for creating a welcoming home and that the perfect patio door makes outdoor space more welcoming. Side doors, however, are overlooked time and time again as unimportant additions to homes across the country, despite the overwhelming convenience they provide.

Despite this overall lack of attention, there is, in fact, the right way to choose a side door for your home. Consider these criteria to find the perfect match for your house and your lifestyle and get the side door you deserve:


Looks aren’t everything, but it’s always something you should consider when making upgrades of any sort to your home. Even if it’s just a side door, selecting a style that’s up-to-date and blends well with the rest of your home keeps your curb appeal at its best, which in turn keeps your home value where you want it to be. All of this aside, it also feels nice to have a home-style that’s coherent through and through.


In the same strain of style, being able to put your personal twist on everything isn’t a must, but it is nice and gives you more direct control over these types of updates. Investing in custom doors for any part of your home is an excellent way to impress while you’re entertaining, and it provides you with the look you’ve been searching for without fail.


Safety should, of course, be your primary concern when choosing any door for your home. This is why exterior iron doors really tend to shine, especially as side doors.

Because they’re made of superior materials, iron doors are more durable than other standard door options and are strong enough to discourage or halt home invasions. They don’t falter in weather, and always serve as a barrier between your home’s interior and the outside world when it’s needed.


Again, this is an area where iron doors really shine. Iron materials don’t succumb to rain like wooden doors and can’t be damaged by something as small as a few gusts of wind.

They’re there to stay, making them the ideal option for a side door. You want your investment to last and need a door that’ll stay in place through thick and thin.


For many, adding windows into a side door seems like a needless task. After all, side doors are typically very utilitarian in nature. However, if your side door is somewhere highly visible in your homes, such as connected to a living room or dining room, you can incorporate glass panels into your door to make the most of the style opportunity.

Fortunately, you can invest in decorative glass privacy panels that keep uninvited guests from getting a glimpse of your home while you get the most of the natural light any windowed design can provide.

Energy Efficiency

If your side door is attached to your garage, this may not be an issue to worry about. However, if your side door connects the main part of your home to the outdoors, you need to ensure your door is energy efficient if you want to keep your home’s energy use under control.

Ensuring a proper fit and finding the right glass accents and seals can help you save big on your monthly energy bills by keeping warm or cool air inside where it belongs.

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