The first thing people see when they visit your home is your front door, and as the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Your front door should display your individuality and style, and nothing is as impressive as a luxury wrought iron door.

Is Your Home Fit for an Iron Door?

There are a few things to consider before you decide to install an iron door. It’s important to think about how the iron door will affect the exterior of your home. For example, will it work with your home’s architecture? Let’s take a look at a few other things you should think about before making your investment.

Choose the Right Sized Wrought Iron Door for your Home

The size of your front entrance is the most important thing to consider when you decide to invest in an iron door. If you are building your home from scratch, you can make the opening large enough to accommodate the iron door of your choice. If you have an older home, our iron doors can be custom-made to just the right size. Even if your home is of block construction, we can make an iron door to work with your home.

Choose the Right Shape of Door

When it comes to luxury wrought iron doors, there are three basic shapes that affect the height of the door and how it will fit your home. These shapes are:
• Straight Top
• Eyebrow Top
• Arched Top

Each shape differs in height. Straight top doors, both single and double doors, have a height of 84 inches. Eyebrow top doors are typically 96 inches high for double doors and 84 inches high for single doors. Lastly, Arched tops are the tallest of the three, with a height of 108 inches for double doors and 96 inches for single doors. At Iron Doors Arizona, we can make any shape door the right height for your home. All you have to worry about is which shape you like best.

If you decide to add a transom above your iron door, you’ll need to consider its shape as well. A transom is a crossbar that is typically set above a door to add strength. Like iron doors, transoms come in different shapes, but some shapes work better than others with certain door designs. A straight top door is more versatile than the others when it comes to a transom since any shape transom will work with a straight top. If you place a transom above an arched or eyebrow top door, the transom will usually follow the shape of the door.

Rough Opening

The rough opening is the size of the entryway before the door jamb is in place. It should be about one inch larger than the overall size of the door you are hanging to allow for easy installation. Wrought iron door installation is a simple procedure provided the entryway is the correct size for the door you have chosen, which is why ordering from us makes the installation hassle-free. We custom fit the door to your home’s rough opening.

Jamb Depth

The door jamb, or frame, is how the door is secured to your home and bears the weight of the door. The depth of the jamb typically matches the thickness of the wall and there are four options:

• Four inches
• Six inches
• Eight inches
• Ten inches

When choosing the frame depth, make sure to match the thickness of your wall for the best results. Iron doors typically come pre-hung on a jamb, so it’s important to know what depth you need before you make a purchase.


The threshold of any door is a major part of the weatherization system in your home. It’s important to know the material the threshold is made of because when some metals touch, they can cause corrosion. For example, an aluminum threshold with an iron door can lead to corrosion because there is an electrolytic reaction between the steel of the iron door and the aluminum threshold. This corrosion can affect the drop seals and adversely affect the weatherization of your home. That’s why at Iron Doors Arizona we use an iron threshold that is part of the frame and not separate, to prevent any corrosion that could damage weatherization.

Why Iron Doors Arizona is the Right Choice

If you’re looking for iron doors for sale in Phoenix, Arizona, you’ll find the best deals on single doorsdouble doors, and wrought iron door accessories at Iron Doors Arizona. We can help you determine which door is right for your home and ensure that the door will fit like a glove. We can custom make an iron door that fits your needs with any design, regardless of shape or size. Contact us today for more information or to help you choose the perfect door for your home!