Since iron doors are so sturdy and heavyweight, they are not easily moved or damaged. This helps prevent theft but also can protect your home from the weather. At Iron Doors Arizona, our expert craftsmen use dual sealing around the Low-E glass to allow weather stripping. This technique creates higher energy efficiency in your door.

  1. More Durable than Standard Front Doors
  2. Quality construction deters burglars
  3. Wrought irons are strong enough to prevent home invasion
  4. Iron doors strength do not lessen due to weather
  5. Many iron doors have opening glass windows and screen options

Iron doors are made of a stronger material compared to wood or fiberglass. Burglars can easily shatter these flimsy materials. However, when it comes to iron, they will have a much harder time trying to damage it. As a result, most burglars will be deterred from trying to force their way into your home.

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Installing wrought iron entry doors not only increases the value of your home but also the security! When installing doors into your home, your usual concerns are whether it will be durable in all types of weather but also, will it keep you and your family safe. With Iron Doors Arizona’s gorgeous wrought iron security doors in Phoenix, AZ, and nearby areas, you will know you are buying luxury and protection from theft and the elements.

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